Taxation is the heart of CA and is a scoring subject if studied adequately with good strategy. Doing good in Taxation is essential not just from the exam point of view but also for being an excellent Chartered Accountant.

An average pay cheque for someone who has considerable experience in Taxation can get somewhere around 7-10 LPA.

Taxation is equally theoretical and practical as one has to read, understand, and interpret the theory and then apply all the learning in a realistic scenario. Taxation further gets diverged into two sub-subjects:

  • Direct Tax, also known as Income tax.
  • Indirect Tax, also known as GST and Customs.

As a very scoring subject, you must understand all the critical fundamentals. And for you to excel, you would need a good mentor who could guide you through everything about Taxation.

Here is a list of 5 best faculties in India for CA Inter Taxation:

CA Vikram Biyani

Hundreds of rank holders have received guidance from CA Vikram Biyani. Calling Mr. Vikram a good teacher would probably be an understatement because he is India’s finest teacher. He has coached many students and helped them accomplish their goals. CA Vikram has a firm grip on a subject like Tax, and he makes sure that students end up loving Tax after studying from him. 


Vikram Biyani has been teaching for the last 15+ years, and he is known to be a motivational speaker to CA students. He has trained more than 10,000 students in this period and made sure that most of them achieve great success in their lives. Besides just being a teacher or a motivator, he has also authored several research papers. 

Teaching Style

His teaching style is innovative, and even the average students start to excel. Students often say that Mr. Vikram makes even the most complex problems easy with his fun and uncomplicated techniques. Students also appreciate the study material that CA Vikram curates for students. It is full of exciting topics, and it indeed makes you fall in love with Tax.

Where to find their courses?

He started his classes in 2005 in the name of Vikram Biyani Tax classes. He also has several courses listed on different platforms online, such as lecturewala, studyondoor, etc.


His course will cost you around Rs. 6,720 to Rs. 9,000

MK Gupta

M.K. Gupta is a Taxation professional and is very renowned. He has a great name amongst CA and has called as an expert of Tax. MK Gupta is a great teacher and works day and night to make students progress in their careers. MK Gupta is an exceptional faculty, and if you acquire knowledge from him, it wouldn’t be any less than a gift.


M.K. Gupta is very senior in CA education industry and has been around for more than two decades. He is invincible in Tax, and his years of experience have always helped students clear their exams and do great in their careers. There is no better educator than the one who has seen new trends coming and going for years, and M.K. Gupta is one of those educators.

Teaching Style

You may think that teachers with a friendly approach are the only ones liked by students, but that is not entirely true. His teaching style is a bit old school, and he believes in making concepts clear rather than just making them fun to study. He also believes in taking feedback from his students and implementing them in his teaching, making him a true inspiration.

Where to find their courses? 

M.K. Gupta conducts his own classes in the name of MK Gupta CA Education. He has also listed his courses online, which you can buy.


MK Gupta will charge you based on the mode you are opting for, Google Drive – Rs.18,000, Pen Drive – Rs.19,000, Hard Disc – Rs.20,000/-

CA Neeraj Arora

CA Neeraj Arora is a CA by profession and a teacher by choice. He completed his CA in 2011 and started his YouTube journey in 2012; this was when not many people knew about YouTube. But he kept on doing the hard work there, and in today’s time, he holds more than five YouTube channels. He has a firm grip on topics such as Income Tax and GST. Mr. Neeraj also likes to cover most of the topic in the class itself, vacating a lot of time for further practice at home. So you can say that he knows precisely what a student need in Taxation. 


He has been an experienced teacher for more than 10 years and is not planning on resting this journey. Mr. Neeraj Arora is one of India’s best faculties when it comes to Taxation, and he is the right preference if you are looking for someone experienced and with excellent teaching skills. 

Teaching Style

CA Neeraj Arora is well known for his teaching style as he makes everything extremely easy and entertaining to understand. Interestingly, he often surprises his students with creative teaching methods in an easy language. The books and material provided by him are very concise, precise, and helpful. He makes sure to clear your doubts even before you ask them.

Where to find their courses? 

He was previously running his classes in the name of CA Neeraj Arora Classes. But now his classes have been merged with Edu91, which has made him a Co-founder of this institute. You will find his courses on the Edu91 website. Also, he has several YouTube channels and thousands of videos that will help you in revision, doubt clearing, and help you understand his teaching style before taking his classes.


His Taxation course will cost you somewhere around Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 7,500. 

CA Bhanwar Borana

CA Bhanwar Borana is a recognized name when it comes to Taxation. He is known for his proficiency and expertise. Just when he came to know that he cleared his Finals and was about to become a CA, he decided not to keep that knowledge by himself but also to share and train masses with it. 


He has been teaching for over ten years now and has expertise in, direct Tax and International Taxation. He is the author of India’s first Handwritten DT Book “COMPACT” and has written other books on Taxation as well. Furthermore, He has mentored 10,000+ students and made sure that they achieve their goal of becoming a CA. 

Teaching Style

Mr. Bhanwar Borana believes in making the toughest of the topics simpler for students, and he has a mindset that making things fun will always lead students towards success. His teaching style amalgamates fun and expertise, making the success rate very high, so his students love him. CA Bhanwar is not just a teacher to his students, but he is a guide, mentor, and confidante to them, and that is how he has made an indisputable place in his students’ hearts.

Where to find their courses? 

CA Bhanwar Borana runs his coaching classes in the name of CA Bhanwar Borana Classes. Nowadays, he is the core faculty of Incito Academy, Mumbai & Visiting faculty of WIRC of ICAI. He also has a very established YouTube channel with a vast audience. Other than all that, just like the rest of the teachers, he also has several courses listed on different platforms online.


His courses will cost you somewhere between Rs. 6,150 to Rs. 7,400.

CA Jaspreet Singh Johar

Jaspreet Singh Johar is an author, educator, and head of test preparation school “Gyan Gurucull.” He has been teaching Taxation for the last seventeen years. He has his expertise in teaching both face-to-face and in online classes. He has mentored 75,000+ students and teaches on various platforms. 


Jaspreet Singh Johar has been a CA graduate and a teacher for as long as he can remember. He has been in the CA field for long enough and has seen a lot of economic phases, making him a very knowledgeable teacher when it comes to a subject like Tax. With his expertise in Taxation, he has educated thousands of students and has given this country 128 Rank holders and 8000+ CAs to date, which is the best number any teacher has provided.

Teaching Style

Mr. Jaspreet has a classic teaching style, but calling it old school wouldn’t be fair. He has evolved with time and understood what students these days want. To stay relevant and reach the masses, he has made his teaching style rather exciting than just keeping it all theoretical. Students often give feedback that he makes the subject very lively and interesting to study. 

Where to find their courses? 

Currently, he runs courses in the name of CA Jaspreet Singh Johar classes and has built a platform known as Gyan Gurucull, which brings in the best of the teachers to help many students. Mr. Jaspreet is also an Unacademy teacher with 7000 Followers and 13 Million+ watch minutes. He is also an author and has published eight books. 


Taking classes from CA Jaspreet Singh Johar will cost you anywhere between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 12,000.

Comparison Table

CA Vikram Biyani  OnlineRs. 6,720 to Rs. 9,000  
MK GuptaOffline & OnlineRs. 18,000 to Rs. 20,000
CA Neeraj Arora  OnlineRs. 7,000 to Rs. 7,500. 
CA Bhanwar BoranaOffline & OnlineRs. 6,150 to Rs. 7,400.  
CA Jaspreet Singh Johar  Offline & OnlineRs. 5,000 to Rs. 12,000.  

Poll Results

Best Teacher for CA Inter Taxation


The above mentioned was the list of top 5 teachers for Taxation; all the above faculties have outstanding experience and are very strong with their subject. Other than that, always know that if you lack hard work and discipline, it doesn’t matter how good your teacher is; it will always be hard to thrive.

Also, before opting for any teacher and investing your time and money in them, make sure to take a second opinion. Check for reviews on google, check for their free YouTube classes. This will give you a more reasonable understanding of what teaching style suits you the most. And only when you are entirely sure, get yourself enrolled for the lecture of that particular teacher. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to take coaching for CA inter Taxation?

It’s not necessary but recommended to take such coaching because faculty’s knowledge and experience will be of great help.

What is the average fees for CA inter Taxation coaching?

You can expect a qualified teacher to charge Rs. 7,000 approximately for the subject of Taxation.

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