Cost and Management Accounting, also known as Costing is the third subject of CA Inter. This subject helps students understand the Elements of Cost, How to handle cost sheets, activity-based costing, and cost accounting.

Costing is specifically a very scoring and exciting subject. It is lengthy; However, it can get you a good score, but only when the concepts are understood well. So you don’t want to miss this opportunity of scoring real good in your CA Inter Group 1. 

It will be a wise decision if you opt for a good teacher who could help you simplify the subject and enable you to score well in the exam. Here is the list of the top 5 teachers for CA Inter Costing

CA Ashish Kalra

CA CS Ashish Kalra is a well-known faculty amongst the students. He is a Chartered accountant and a company secretary with MBA and Masters in Commerce. His unique style is what attracts students the most. He has given years of excellence to this industry and isn’t planning to stop anytime soon. Mr. Ashish has not just achieved success being a teacher but has also authored several books that are coming in very handy for all the students.


CA CS Ashish Kalra is a highly educated and renowned teacher and holds years of experience. He is a skilled teacher who taught not just for the profession but passion as well. With time, he has improvised his courses in such a fine way that students don’t need to take any second thoughts before opting for his classes.

He has mentored thousands of students in the past nine years of his teaching career and has given several successful CA and CS to the country.

Teaching style

CA Ashish Kalra is highly famous for his teaching style, as he makes sure to give you good clarity on the concepts. As costing is a lot about formulas, he tries to make you catch the reasoning behind them rather than just memorizing. He never forces you to mug up the formulas because he believes that mugging up is a temporary process while understanding the basics will stay for life. 

Where to find their courses? 

He runs his own classes in IGP Classes; you can find multiple courses there. Other than that, his courses are also listed on various other online learning platforms from where you can get yourself enrolled in them. CA Ashish Kalra also has a YouTube channel with 1200+ video lectures and ten million+ viewership. 


His classes will cost you anywhere between Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 19,500.

CA Purushottam Aggrawal

CA Purushottam Aggrawal, often known as Purushottam sir, is one of the best teachers of Costing in the country. He has been teaching for 8+ years and has only gotten better with time. Mr. Purushottam’s teaching is highly exam-oriented, and his students greatly appreciate his teaching. 


Mr. Purushottam Aggrawal is a first-class graduate and a highly qualified teacher with almost a decade of experience; CA Purushottam stands strong and more nuanced in today’s time. His students have voted him as the best teacher for Costing several times. He started with teaching face-to-face. But to reach a wider audience, he started satellite classes, which helped him mentor thousands of students around the country. 

Teaching style

He is a very well-known personality in Costing classes, between students. His teaching techniques are famous in the whole country, and he makes a subject like Cost so easy to understand that students cannot get enough of his tips and strategies. He covers 100% course in the class itself, which gives students a lot of time to practice at home. And in costing, practice is the most vital thing that you need. 

Where to find their courses? 

He takes classes in the name of Purushottam Aggrawal Classes and is highly famous for Costing. His lectures are also listed on multiple learning websites, and you can buy them from anywhere online. And just like other CA Faculties, Mr. Purushottam also has a YouTube channel where he has a massive viewership with hundreds of videos you learn from. 


CA Purushottam Aggrawal’s classes will cost you anywhere between Rs. 7,650 to Rs. 9,500. 

CA R.K. Mehta

To know how to be the first preference for students for costing, CA R.K. Mehta is the best example. He is from some of the most prestigious names of CA Faculties in our country. His class has 90+ centers and has given 1200+ rank holders to the country to date. With years of dedication, he has come to the point where no one can take his place, and no one could be as great as he is in his subjects.


CA R.K. Mehta is a commerce graduate with an exceptional rank from SRCC. Mr. Mehta became a CA in 1996 never looked back. With vast experience in Teaching Costing to CA / CS / CWA / B. Com Students for the last 25 years, he has been nothing less than an inspiration to his students.

He teaches 10,000+ students every year through satellite mode and helps them move closer to their dreams. To simplify it a little, you can say that CA R.K. Mehta has to be given credit for giving a Large Number of COST Toppers To India.

Teaching style

CA R.K. Mehta is known for his decency and dedication to teaching. He is one of the most grounded and disciplined teachers you will ever encounter. He is a very well-organized teacher and is always available for his students. 

Students also give feedback that he is quite an approachable teacher, so if you are stuck, he will carry you out no matter what. 

Where to find their courses? 

He has his own classes in the name of R.K. Mehta Classes. You can find his courses there, and other than that, there are many learning platforms with Mr. R.K. Mehta’s courses listed on them. He also has had a YouTube channel for the past three years that has been very helpful for students in understanding his teaching style and going through his videos before opting for his classes. 


Mr. R.K. Mehta’s classes will cost you somewhere around Rs. 10,999 to Rs. 13,999. 

CA Sunil Keswani

CA CFA Sunil Keswani is one of the top educators of unacademy and has been teaching Costing for more than a decade now. Mr. Sunil Keswani is a chartered accountant and a chartered financial analyst well known for his teaching and books that he has authored. He was into the corporate world before entering into teaching, and once he became a teacher, the rest was just history.


CA Sunil was a scholar in his time and always made sure to excel in everything he could. He topped Delhi University by scoring 100% marks in Mathematics. He was also awarded K.V. Chandramouli Memorial Award for best paper in Mathematics by the prestigious “Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.” 

He has been teaching Cost for 11+ years and has given tremendous results with several toppers to the country in this span. He has considerable experience in teaching in both face-to-face and satellite modes. 

Teaching style

CA Sunil Keswani is a simple yet excellent and experienced teacher. And his experience is indeed reflected in his teaching style. Teaching for a decade is no joke, and he has been teaching for that long time. Mr. Sunil has a friendly approach towards students, which each student appreciates. He is a very dedicated coach and makes sure that he takes his students towards their ultimate goal by teaching them the finest way possible. 

Where to find their courses? 

His classes are available on Prodamy, Gyan Gurucull, and a few other platforms as well. He is also a legend teacher at Unacademy and has 14 million+ watch minutes. Mr. Sunil also has a YouTube channel, and his lectures are uploaded there for your reference. He has authored several books, which have helped thousands of students to date.


CA Sunil Keswani’s classes will cost you around Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 10,000.

CA Rahul Garg

CA Rahul Garg is a young genius who has enlightened the students with his wisdom of Costing and Management Accounting for years. Mr. Garg has become a favorite of numerous students lately because of his expertise and way of teaching.

He is a Commerce Graduate, member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, and Information System Auditor (DISA, ICAI).


CA Rahul Garg hasn’t been around for many years but has achieved so much that it’s hard to resist the urge to opt for his classes. He has given many toppers and CA, CS to the country and has been critically acclaimed nationally and internationally for his work. Mr. Garg believes that it is crucial to channel the youthful energies of students while it is still at its peak, and that is what he has been doing for years.

Teaching style

CA Rahul Garg has been teaching for years now, and he is one of the most loved teachers for Cost. Students say he is fun, energetic, and a walking book of ample wisdom. His specialty is that he breaks down the chapter according to the concepts, and that is how he prefers teaching.

This ultimately helps his students revise in a better way later at home. He believes in giving the students a reasonable amount of homework as Cost is a practical subject and needs a lot of practice. And not only that, he also checks the homework at the beginning of the class, which is not something that you hear very often.

Where to find their courses? 

CA Rahul runs his classes in the name of RSA (Rahul Shikha Academy); they have many courses to choose from for almost all the CA Inter subjects. His courses are also available on several different online learning platforms, and you can opt from any one of your choices. CA Rahul Garg has a channel named “CA Rahul Garg – RSA – Rahul Shikha Academy.” It is one of the oldest YouTube channels by any CA, and it has a huge viewership of eight million+ views to date.


His classes will cost you anywhere around Rs. 5,389 to Rs. 9,290.

Comparison Table

CA Ashish KalraOnline & OfflineRs. 11,000 to Rs. 19,500
CA Purushottam AggrawalOnlineRs. 7,650 to Rs. 9,500
CA R.K. MehtaOnline & OfflineRs. 10,999 to Rs. 13,999
CA Sunil KeswaniOnlineRs. 4,500 to Rs. 10,000.
CA Rahul GargOnlineRs. 5,389 to Rs. 9,290

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Best Teacher for CA Inter Costing


The above mentioned was the list of top 5 teachers for Cost and Management Accounting; The faculties discussed above are irreplaceable, and there could not be a better mentor than these 5. They will all be of excellent help for you to clear the exam. 

Costing may look like an easy subject, but trust us, you don’t want to make even a minor mistake at this point in your studies. Taking the guidance of a teacher can never go wrong; it will always teach you the best that could be taught. Besides that, you will also need a lot of discipline and practice to get yourself where you wish to be. 

Furthermore, before taking classes from any teacher, make sure you go through their demo lecture. It is simple, some teachers’ teaching styles may work for you, and some may not. It can be the case that the teacher is very best, but the way they teach is not something you are comfortable in. Hence it is always a good option to first go through their online free lectures, read some reviews, do your bit of research. Don’t trust too quickly because it is not just your time and money you put in, but your career is in line. 

Once you feel confident about the teacher, go for it and give it your best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Important to take classes for CA Inter Costing?

Yes, it is essential to understand the basics, and for that, a good teacher will always be a better choice than studying on your own.

What will be an average fee of a good teacher for CA Inter Costing?

You can expect a qualified teacher to charge Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 11,000 approximatel

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