Law is the second paper of CA Inter and comes under Group 2. This paper intends to provide students with an understanding of corporate and other laws to analyse and apply law provisions. This paper prepares CA Intermediate students to face the corporate world with confidence in examining & using provisions of the Dynamic Corporate Law and other laws. 

For your convenience, here is the breakdown of the paper:

Part I: Company Law (60 Marks)

  • The Companies Act, 2013 – Sections 1 to 148  

Part II: Other Laws (40 Marks)

  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872
  • The Negotiable Instruments Act,1881 
  • The General Clauses Act, 1897
  • Interpretation of Statutes

If, while going through the syllabus of CA Inter, you ever wonder why you are getting to study Law for a CA exam, then here is the answer.

Corporate and Other Laws is a vital subject for students from the exam perspective and in professional terms as well. You all must be well aware that the Law generally controls the relationship between company and profession. So it is only fair when a person working in the accounts department has all the necessary knowledge about the legal conditions. 

Why is coaching for CA Inter Law required?

After the CA Inter registration, ICAI provides a good amount of study material, but that is not enough to crack a challenging and critical subject like Law. Even if you take mock papers, previous year papers, etc., you would still require the guidance of the professional to help you clear this subject.

Therefore, to make it a little convenient, we have provided below our top 5 picks of the CA Inter Law faculties from all over India. 

CA Darshan Khare

CA Darshan Khare tops our list because he is one of our country’s finest law teachers. He is also known as the “Lawgician” and is one of India’s most trusted Law teachers. He says that his aim goes beyond just teaching the students; in fact, his central motive is to change students’ perspective towards Law and make them recognize that Theory subjects can also be an option for exemption. 


Mr. Darshan Khare is a CA and CS Executive and has taught Law for ten years. He has mentored thousands of students and has taken them to their utmost intent of becoming a CA. He started his own classes in 2021, and in a short period, he has built more than 400 courses for students. Mr. Darshan is a true inspiration for his students, both as a teacher and as a person. 

Teaching style

CA CS Darshan Khare is famous for his interactive teaching style, which helps students gain the much-needed understanding and enjoy the process of studying. His teaching style is quite fun and friendly and is acknowledged amongst his students. It is no joke to have 2lakh + followers/subscribers after all. 

Where to find their courses? 

To get yourself, Mr. Darshan Khare’s course, you can head towards his website in the name of WOW classes by CA CS Darshan Khare. His courses are also listed on several online learning platforms, and he has a massive viewership of 5Million+ on Youtube. His Youtube channel is in the name of “Darshan Khare’s WowClass.”


His courses will cost you anywhere between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000.

CA Ankita Patni

CA Ankita Patni is an eminent law teacher and is well respected in the CA community. She has taught and mentored thousands of students and helped them achieve success in a concise time span of five years. She has been taking face-to-face and online classes for all these years and has only gotten better with time. 


Mrs. Ankita Patni has set an example of being such a renowned teacher at such an early age. She is full of passion and skills for CA and holds the experience of good five years. CA Ankita is an inspiration for her students. Moreover, it is not just about her age; her expertise is remarkable, which is why she stands out in the industry. 

Teaching style

CA Ankita Patni’s teaching style may not be significantly out of the box, but it is undoubtedly very detailed, thorough, and concept-centric. She is a great teacher and carries the adoration of thousands of students with her. 

Where to find their courses?

Mrs. Ankita Patni has her courses listed on several platforms; the major is Swapnil Patni classes. She also has a YouTube channel in her name where she often puts up content, that is immensely refreshing and useful. Her lectures are also uploaded on Swapnil Patni’s YouTube channel.


CA Ankita Patni’s classes will cost you around Rs. 9,200 to Rs. 10,000.

CA Amit Popli

Mr. Amit Popli is a Chartered accountant and Insolvency Professional. He has been a teacher for over 15 years and thoroughly enjoyed the teaching. CA Amit Popli has vast experience teaching thousands of students from different corners of the country in all streams associated with CA. He is also associated with Aldine classes, from where he can reach lakhs of students in 130+ cities. His Unacademy viewership is crazily high as 21 million-plus watch minutes.


CA Amit Popli’s experience is over one and half decades, and the years are still in counting. He is one of the top faculties of Law and is undoubtedly an unmatched personality. He has been a passionate teacher for these years, and his aim was always to make students understand the subject really well in the class itself. Mr. Amit Popli has also authored a few extremely popular books amongst students. 

Teaching style

CA Amit Popli doesn’t just holds the knowledge of the subject; he is very well known for his manner of communicating. He matches a theoretical subject like Law, seems to be very enjoyable and interesting and yet coving 100% syllabus in the class alone. To understand his teaching style, you can head towards his YouTube channel and see for yourself whether or not you would like to take his classes. 

Where to find their courses? 

CA Amit Popli runs his own coaching classes in the name of Amit Popli classes. You can find his course in his classes. His courses are also available on different online learning platforms from where you can directly get access to all of them. Mr. Amit is an expert faculty at Unacademy. Other than all this, he has a YouTube channel in his own name with a viewership of 2million+.


CA Amit Popli’s classes will cost you anywhere between Rs. 10,600 to Rs. 11,500.

CA Mohit Agarwal

CA CS Mohit Agarwal is a first-class graduate from St. Xavier’s College and is a merit holder for many Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary subjects. He has won a lot of scholarships and medals in his academic life because of his accomplishments. Mr. Mohit was also an educator at Unacademy till 2021. He has been a teacher of Law for as many years as he could think of. 


Mr. Mohit Agrawal has been teaching since 2007 and has taught thousands of students. His expertise is in corporate and other Law, and he also teaches a few other subjects in these highly competitive courses such as CA, CS, & CMA. Mr. Agrawal has also curated several courses in his unique way to make a subject like Law feel easy for the students. He has addressed various seminars for many professional institutes.

Teaching style

Mr. Mohit is a very energetic teacher and is highly enthusiastic about teaching. His classes are very lively, and throughout the whole class, it is hard for students to take their ears off him. He makes sure he doesn’t let the students mug things up; instead, he makes sure to make them learn everything in the class itself. 

Mr. Agrawal believes in conceptual clarity for both Practical and theoretical subjects, and he makes sure they seem interesting to the students. His students love his attitude as he is a very approachable teacher; students feel pretty free while taking their doubts to him. 

Where to find their courses?

CA CS Mohit Agrawal runs his own classes in the name of Mohit Agrawal Classes in Kolkata. Many other CA Teachers are also associated with his class, and it takes place in offline and online mode. His courses are listed on various platforms, and he also has a YouTube channel with 30 Million+ views. 


His courses will cost you somewhere around Rs. 8,125 to Rs. 13,650.

CA Ankit Oberoi

CA Ankit Oberoi is a passionate educationist and an author. He is an exceptionally well-known teacher and is respected amongst the CA community. Mr. Ankit specializes in the areas such as Mercantile, Labour, Corporate and International Laws. Ever since his graduation days, he has excelled at every stage of his career, making him an expert on this subject. 


CA Ankit Oberoi has years of experience in teaching and has taught thousands of students. He is a Member of ICAI and is a Post Graduate in Finance. Mr. Ankit has authored several best-selling books and is very well known for that. He has served as a spokesperson and chief guest of several seminars and CA events. 

Teaching style

Students often leave him with feedback of him being one of the exceptional teachers with a unique teaching style. All his students appreciate him for being who he is, as a teacher and human. He is not just a teacher to the students; he is a mentor and a guide to everyone who needs his assistance in succeeding in his career. 

No wonder he has been a student’s favorite.

Where to find their courses? 

Mr. Ankit runs his own classes in the name of Amit Oberoi Commerce Classes, wherein he, along with a few other experts, help student clear the most challenging exam that is here. He also has a 12 years old YouTube channel with a massive viewership of 2 million. You can also find his courses on a few other online education portals.


CA Ankit Oberoe’s course will cost you somewhere between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 7,500.

Comparison Table

CA Darshan Khareonline & offlineRs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000
CA Ankita Patnionline & offlineRs. 9,200 to Rs. 10,000
CA Amit PoplionlineRs. 10,600 to Rs. 11,500
CA Mohit Agarwalonline & offlineRs. 8,125 to Rs. 13,650
CA Ankit Oberoionline & offlineRs. 3,000 to Rs. 7,500

Poll Results

Best Teacher for CA Inter Law


The above mentioned was the list of top 5 teachers for Corporate and Other Laws; The faculties discussed above are invincible in their subjects, and they will all be of incredible help for you to clear the exam. 

However, Law is a subject that will need your undivided attention because it has many theories to learn. To outperform your goals, you need to take this subject seriously, and only then can you expect the desired results. Along with the teaching of your mentor, hard work is required from your end as well. 

Also, before opting for any educator and investing your time and finances in them, always take a second opinion. Go through their free YouTube classes to understand their teaching style, look out for google reviews.

And enroll only when you are convinced about the educator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to take coaching for CA Inter Law?

Yes, Law is a theory-practical subject; as much as you can study it on your own, you also need someone to make every concept clear in your head.

What will be an average fee of a good teacher for Law?

You can expect a qualified teacher to charge Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000 approximately

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