CA Inter has eight subjects divided into two groups, and Audit and Assurance is the sixth paper from the second group. This paper provides a fair understanding of audit procedures and consists of methods and skills needed to apply in the practical world.

The Audit is not an independent subject; whatever knowledge you gain from other Inter subjects helps better understand this one subject. This paper is important not just for the exam perspective but also to make you a better professional. 

Why do you need coaching for CA Inter Audit?

ICAI states that Audit is a most practical subject; on the other hand, students take it as a theoretical subject and run away from it. The Audit is possibly the least favorite subject amongst students because they don’t understand its concepts and proceeded with half knowledge. 

For a subject like this one, you certainly need to have an expert who could guide you well and who could make all the concepts thorough in your mind. Here is a list of the top 5 faculties in India, regarded as the best for AUDIT

CA CS Mohit Agarwal

CA CS Mohit Agarwal is a first-class graduate from St. Xavier’s College and is a merit holder for scoring All India Highest in Audit and Assurance in Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary in the Final level. He has won a lot of scholarships and medals in his academic life because of his accomplishments. He was also an educator at Unacademy till 2021. 


Mr. Mohit Agrawal has been teaching since 2007 and has taught thousands of students. His expertise is in Audit and Assurance, and he also teaches a few other subjects in these highly competitive courses such as CA, CS, & CMA. Mr. Agrawal has also curated several courses in his unique way to make Audit feel easy for the students. He has addressed various seminars for many professional institutes.

Teaching style

Mr. Mohit is a very energetic teacher and is highly enthusiastic about teaching. His classes are very lively, and throughout the whole class, it is hard for students to take their ears off him. He makes sure he doesn’t let the students mug things up; instead, he makes sure to make them learn everything in the class itself. Mr. Agrawal believes in conceptual clarity for both Practical and theoretical subjects, and he makes sure they seem interesting to the students. His students love his attitude as he is a very approachable teacher; students feel pretty free while taking their doubts to him. 

Where to find their courses?

CA CS Mohit Agrawal runs his own classes in the name of Mohit Agrawal Classes in Kolkata. Many other CA Teachers are also associated with his class, and it takes place in offline and online mode. His courses have provided 500+ toppers and 51 AIR rank holders in just a single year. He has also listed his courses on several different online platforms. Mr. Mohit Agrawal has a YouTube channel with more than 30 million views. 


Taking Mr. Mohit Agrawal’s classes will cost you anywhere around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000.

CA Harshad Jaju

CA Harshad Jaju is an experienced teacher, and he became the youngest CA in our Country. He is also known as a Master of the theoretical subject, And he teaches Audit like no other. Mr. Harshad Jaju is a peoples person, which makes him, a favourite of all his students. His hard work and commitment towards CA have made him what he is today at a very young age. Mr. Harshad Jaju has mentored thousands of students all over the Country and helped them achieve their future goals. 


CA Harshad Jaju has given more than 12 years to the CA world, and he is still on the go even now. He partook in practical training with medium and large-size CA companies to develop skills and process experiences from the real world. Disclosure of diverse projects at a young age has made him a competent and credible professor.

Teaching style

Mr. Jaju is known for his mind mapping techniques and makes sure he give students absolute clarity of concepts. His teaching method is unique compared to others and is very much appreciated by his students. He adds real-life and creative examples that make his classes exciting and fun. He positions the unified effort to ensure he retains the entire syllabus in the class itself. 

Where to find their courses?

CA Harshad Jaju teaches at Swapnil Patni classes and has his lectures listed on various online learning platforms. His free lectures are available on the YouTube channel named Swapnil Patni classes. 


CA Harshad Jaju’s classes will cost you somewhere around Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 13,500.

CA Surbhi Bansal

CA Surbhi Bansal is a fellow ICAI member and very respectable faculty of the Country who is into Chartered Accountancy. Surbhi Bansal cleared all the CA exams in a single attempt and became a CA in 21. She has been consistently exceeding in her career and is an inspiration for all the female students. 


CA Surbhi Bansal is a renowned CA of our Country and is a scholar of her time. She was honoured by The PN Shah Prize for being the Best Lady Candidate of India by ICAI. She scored AIR 5 in her CA Foundation and has been placed on the merit list of ICAI at CA Inter as well. She has also authored several books, which come in very handy for the students for the Audit subject. In fact, according to the students, Surbhi Bansal’s books are the best that are in the market for Audit. 

Teaching style

Surbhi Bansal is an enjoyable teacher to be around; she tries her best to make the subject as simple and fun as possible. She gives an in-depth knowledge of each topic and makes sure that students are all clear with their root concepts. She teaches by introducing mnemonics and colourful jokes to make the class feel light and easy-going. 

Where to find their courses?

She runs her own classes in the name of Surbhi Bansal Audit Classes and has mentored thousands of students to date. Her courses are also available on different online learning platforms and can be accessed from there as well. She has authored many helpful books and study material which is of great help to the students. 


You can take CA Surbhi Bansal’s course for around Rs. 9,800 to Rs. 10,700.

CA Neeraj Arora

Students state that best would be an understatement for CA Neeraj Arora. He is a CA by profession and a teacher by choice. He completed his CA in 2011 and started his YouTube journey in 2012; this was when not many people knew about YouTube. But Mr. Neeraj kept on doing the hard work there, and in today’s time, he holds more than five YouTube channels. 

CA Neeraj Arora is also regarded as a learner; despite achieving so much in his professional life, he never leaves a chance to learn something new.

He has a firm grip on risk assessment, Analytical procedures, Audit of Banks, etc. Mr. Neeraj also likes to cover most of the topics in the class itself, leaving considerable time for further practice at home. 


Mr. Neeraj Arora is one of India’s finest faculties when it comes to Audit, and he is the right preference if you are looking for someone experienced and with excellent teaching skills. He has been an experienced teacher for more than 15 years and is not planning on resting this journey. He has also completed PGDBM from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. 

Teaching Style

CA Neeraj Arora is well known for his teaching style and builds a solid academic & ideational ground for students. He is not just a teacher but a mentor to his students, and he makes sure that he is available for all of them whenever they need him. Trust us when we say he goes the extra mile to help his students attain their goals. The books and material are very detailed and beneficial. Interestingly, he often surprises his students with creative teaching methods in an easy language.

Where to find their courses? 

He was previously running his classes in the name of CA Neeraj Arora Classes. But now his classes have been merged with Edu91, which has made him a Co-founder of this institute. You will find his courses on the Edu91 website. Also, he has several YouTube channels and thousands of videos that will help you revise, doubt clearing, and help you understand his teaching style before taking his classes.


His Audit course will cost you somewhere around Rs. 4,400 to Rs. 5,700. 

CA Pankaj Garg

CA Pankaj Garg is a well-known Cost accountant and Company Secretary and is an active member of ICAI. He is a very prominent name in the CA world. He has constantly excelled in academics and is an All India topper of the Kolkata Institute of Cost Accountants. He has received multiple medals and appreciation certificates for his achievements. Mr. Pankaj Garg has years of experience in teaching and has taught hundreds and thousands of students in his career. 


CA Pankaj is a CS & Cost Accountant and has MBA in Finance from IGNOU. He has vast experience in teaching and has mentored thousands of students, amongst which most of them are well settled in their careers. He has authored a few books for Inter – Audit for Taxmann Publications and was highly appreciated by the students due to the use of tabular presentation, concise and clear language, flowcharts, and coverage of all Past Examinations. 

Teaching style

Mr. Pankaj Garg’s teaching style is often considered pretty simple yet effective. His teaching is fully exam-oriented. However, you may not have jokes and funny examples in his class, but what you will get for sure is the basics. By the end of his course, you will understand the toughest topics and have the wisdom to help you in the exam and later in your professional life. 

Where to find their courses? 

He runs his own classes in the name of ALT Classes (Audit, Law, and Tax). He started this class to deliver quality education to the students on these subjects. At present, he is also associated with Aldine Ventures Pvt. Ltd. to provide satellite courses for Audit Subjects. He also has a vast and fast-growing YouTube audience, which is of great help for students to understand his teaching and take revision classes for the Audit subject.


His classes will cost you anywhere around Rs. 8,100 to Rs. 11,700.

Comparison Table

CA CS Mohit AgarwalRs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000 
CA Harshad JajuRs. 5,500 to Rs. 13,500
CA Surbhi BansalRs. 9,800 to Rs. 10,700
CA Neeraj AroraRs. 4,400 to Rs. 5,700
CA Pankaj GargRs. 8,100 to Rs. 11,700

Poll Results

Best Teacher for CA Inter Audit


The above mentioned was the list of top 5 teachers for Audit and Assurance; all the above faculties have exceptional skills and are masters of these subjects like no other. However, regardless of how good the teacher is, you have to do your share of hard work. You should not take this subject lightly and understand the importance of discipline while studying. Auditing is the core of Chartered Accountancy, and mugging up solely would not help you outperform your goals.

Also, before opting for any educator and investing your time and finances in them, always take a second opinion. Go through their free YouTube classes to understand their teaching style, look out for google reviews.

And enroll only when you are confident about the teacher; get yourself enlisted for the course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Important to take classes for CA Inter Audit?

Yes, a coaching for this subject will surely help in your preparation. Audit as a subject is not something you should take lightly.

What will be an average fee of a good teacher for CA Inter Audit?

You can expect a qualified teacher to charge Rs. 6,000 for CA inter Audit.

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