EIS stands for Enterprise Information System, and SM stands for Strategic Management. EIS-SM is the seven paper of CA Inter and comes under Group 2. EIS-SM is one of the toughest and most influential papers from this group, and it determines your success and failure in CA Inter or CA Inter group 2, to be precise.

It is a technical paper and demands vast knowledge of technology, and you need to have a very strategic approach to crack this exam. However, with this comes an advantage; the technical aspect makes it all the more scoring with exam perspective.

Myths regarding CA Inter EIS SM 

  • It is not a scoring subject.
  • All you need is to memorize everything.
  • It is a boring subject.

The points mentioned above are purely a myth, and you need to stop acknowledging things like these. CA Inter is not everyone’s cup of tea; it requires a lot of devotion, a lot of hard work, and most importantly, it needs plenty of self-belief.

If you are the kind of student who relies on shortcuts and mugging up methods to crack the exam, then sorry to burst it to you, but the chances of you getting an experience rather than the result are very high.

We have curate a list of the top 5 faculties of India who have been considered the finest ones out there. 

Rajat Jain

CA Rajat Jain is well known in EIS-SM; he has vast knowledge and adequate experience to be called the Master of EIS-SM. His motive behind teaching the EIS subject was to make it easy and understandable and burst the myths around EIS.

CA Rajat Jain believes in providing conceptual clarity and teaches through practical examples even though the subject is technical. He thinks that practical examples help students remember the concepts for years, which eventually helps them become a CA and practice it later.


Mr. Rajat Jain is very well educated and holds several titles such as CA, CS, CMA, CISA, and DISA. He is also a star teacher at the unacademy and is an authorized DISA trainer with the ICAI. He started teaching after he saw how students lack clarity in a subject like EIS-SM, and ever since, there was no going back.

CA Rajat has experience of 6+ years and has taught over 10,000 students on different platforms to date. Because of his diverse knowledge in various fields, he has a firm grip on the topics of EIS-SM.

Teaching Style

CA Rajat Jain makes sure that he works on the conceptual clarity of each student. He has a pretty impressive teaching style, wherein he tries to integrate a lot of real-life examples while teaching a technical subject like this one. Students often give him feedback that his classes never feel boring; he somehow makes each topic interesting at all times. 

Where to find their courses?

He teaches on Unacademy, where he has 10 Million+ watch minutes and has been a choice of thousands of students. He is an author at Taxmann and has Published Books for CA Inter EIS-SM and CA final ISCA. 


Taking up a course by CA Rajat Jain would cost you somewhere around Rs. 8,500 to Rs. 10,000

Swapnil Patni

Swapnil Patni is a very prominent teacher for EIS-SM. He has mentored thousands of students and holds a very high success rate. His classes are rated as India’s No. 1 Coaching classes for those pursuing CA or 11th and 12th for Commerce. He believes in teaching, not just the syllabus but the idea and concept involved in EIS-SM.

He has expertise in this subject and years of experience, making him a perfect teacher for CA Inter EIS-SM. Students all around the country can access their classes through an online model and can take benefits. 


Swapnil Patni has been practicing CA for over 12 years, and he has been teaching for a decade now. He has instructed 20,000+ students over these years and has made them successful individuals. His experience reflects in his teaching, which his students genuinely value.

Teaching style 

CA Swapnil Patni’s teaching techniques are out of the box and are very useful in the longer run. He has a perfect way of teaching, and the books he uses are likewise worth a shot. Mr. Swapnil has been a mentor of students with 130 AIR, Including AIR 1. His no. of baches, ranks, and students taught in total reflect the quality of his teaching. 

Where to find their courses?

Mr. Swapnil operates his own classes in the name of Swapnil Patni Classes in all India levels. These classes can be taken in different modes such as Pen drive, OTT, Live Streaming, Cloud. These classes are getting operated in 160+ cities through the online mode. Other than that, he also has his courses listed on different online platforms.


You will find different price points on different platforms; all you need to know is that his classes will range between Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 15,000.

Prof J.S. Batra

CA JS Batra is a remarkably skilled teacher and has over three decades of experience, which is the highest of most educators in this field. He has taught over 1 lakh 50 thousand students and given more than 15,000 Chartered Accountants to the country from India and Abroad. He says that he has been a teacher ever since he can remember, and teaching comes to him like a passion.


Prof J S Batra has been a CA for the last 32 years and has helped students in over 62 CA attempts to date. He is very senior and has an honourable position in the CA community. For three years, Mr. Batra has been a center-in-charge of mandatory computer training of ITT lab at Jodhpur Branch of Circ of ICAI and has taught more than 3000 students with 100% Pass results.

He has also authored six books for chartered students in IT(Hindi version & English version), SM, Management Information & control systems, ISCA, EIS-SM available all over India, published by renowned publishers. His achievements are too much to be acknowledged in an article. 

Teaching style 

Prof. JS Batra, a very senior professor, has a little old-school way of teaching indeed, but you will be surprised to know that the way he teaches you the concepts seems to be very easy. Because of his years of experience, he has figured so many teaching styles that they just fit right with every kind of student.

Mr. Batra clears the root concepts and makes it easy for the students to dive deep into the topics along with a greater understanding. 

Where to find their courses?

He has classes on several different platforms such as Gyan Gurucull, unacademy, his own website in the name of Batra sir CA preparation academy. His courses are listed on a few other portals as well. He also has his YouTube channel, which is very helpful in understanding the teaching style of a particular teacher before opting for their classes.


You can get enrolled in his class for somewhere around Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000.

Amit Tated

CA Amit Tated is a well-known educator for EIS-SM and has an excellent standing amongst the Chartered Accountant Community. Mr. Amit inspires and coaches students and makes them do their very best in their lives.

He has been training students for years now and has a stronghold on a technical subject like this one. He has had his share of challenges while reaching where he is today; hence his motivation in life evolved into helping students in this phase of their careers. 


CA Amit Tated has experience in teaching for over nine years now, and he has trained more than one lakh students and led them towards success. He is highly qualified, and his qualifications include CA, CS, CISA, DISA, BCCP, MBA, and CISM. Teaching comes to him like a passion, and all he wants is to coach students so that their success comes as surety.

Teaching style

As it is said, not every finger is the same, yet all of them are equally important. Similarly, not all great faculties have a similar way of teaching, but each one has particular importance of its own. CA Amit Tatad has a very diverse fashion of teaching; he keeps it very specific yet strong enough to be understood by every student.

He makes sure that each student is thorough with the concepts and clear with every possible doubt. He is indeed one of the best coaches in our country.

Where to find their courses?

Mr. Tatad has a YouTube channel with over 3 Million+ views to date. He has his own teaching portal in the name of AT Academy, and he is the prime teacher there. He also has courses listed on several other websites.


To take his classes, you will have to pay anywhere around Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 12,500.

Sumit Parashar

Prof Sumit Parashar is a Computer science graduate and comes from a none CA background. And somehow, that makes him a perfect teacher for EIS-SM. There are indeed a lot of teachers with CA qualifications who are teaching this subject, but Mr. Parashar is from a complete IT background, which makes him an ideal teacher for a theoretical subject like EIS-SM.

He has a specialization in Information technology, Information systems, and strategic management. He has worked for various MNCs before opting for teaching.


Prof Sumit Parashar has been teaching for a decade now and has taught thousands of students face-to-face and satellite methods. 

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science and a Master’s in Management. He has also authored multiple books on EIS-SM, IT-SM, and ISCA. As he specializes in all the IT subjects, as mentioned earlier, he is highly efficient in the paper of EIS-SM and most competent in guiding students through the subject. 

Mr. Parashar has given a lot of Chartered accountants to the country with several AIRs, and Hundreds of students cleared their EIS-SM exam with above 80% of the score.

Teaching style

Prof Sumit Parashar is a dedicated teacher who makes sure he utilizes all the time he gets in his class. Students often say that if you have three hours for his class, you will have to stay focused for all three hours. EIS-SM is a theoretical subject, but Mr. Parashar doesn’t make it look theory-centric. His teaching style is credible, devoted, detailed, and conceptual.

He also has an amiable nature which makes him very approachable, so even if you are in a vast class and hesitate to talk to the teacher, Prof Sumit Parashar will make you comfortable.

Where to find their courses?

His lectures are available on Way to Pinnacle, which can be found easily online. And he also has a YouTube channel through which you can understand his teaching style and decide whether or not to take his classes.


His classes will cost you anywhere between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 8,500.

Comparison Table

Rajat Jain  Offline & OnlineRs. 8,500 to Rs. 10,000
Swapnil Patni  OnlineRs. 7500 to Rs. 15,000
Prof J S BatraOnline & OfflineRs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000
CA Amit Tated  OnlineRs. 3,500 to Rs. 12,500
Prof Sumit Parashar  Offline & OnlineRs. 8,000 to Rs. 8,500

Poll Results

Best Teacher for CA inter EIS SM


The above mentioned was the list of top 5 teachers for EIS-SM; all the above faculties have tremendous experience and are experts in this subject. Other than an incredible faculty, you also need dedication and discipline in yourself to get to your dreams. 

Also, before opting for any educator and investing your time and money in them, check for reviews on google, check for their free YouTube classes. This will give you an understanding of what and how their teaching style is and whether it suits you. And only when you are entirely sure, get yourself registered for the course of the respective teacher. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Important to take classes for CA inter EIS SM?

Yes, It is imperative to clear your concepts in a theoretical subject like EIS-SM. Theory-based subjects are high-scoring at the same time, very tricky.

What will be an average fee of a good teacher for EIS SM?

You can expect a qualified teacher to charge Rs. 8,500 approx. for the subject of EIS-SM.

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