Accounting is vital for every business as it helps it function smoothly by keeping track of payments, expenditure, and income. Accounting is one of the major subjects of CA and is divided into three stages. Basic accounting, Intermediate accounting, and Advanced accounting. 

Now, CA Inter has Advanced accounting subjects covering merger & consolidation methods, equity method, pooling-of-interest method, Home & brand accounting, government fund accounting, not-for-profit accounting, etc.

To Clear the CA Inter exam, it is necessary that the students understand all these fundamentals very well, and hence they need a professional who could help them with the complexities of this subject.

Here is a list of 5 top faculties of the Country for CA Inter Advanced Accounting:

CA Parveen Sharma

CA Parveen Sharma is referred to as “God of Accounting.” He is unbeatable because of his experience of being an Accounts coach for over 20 years now. He has achieved a lot in his career that no one can match his capabilities. He scored 100% in Accounts in his graduation year and was a topper at Delhi University. 


CA Parveen Sharma is a highly skilled and experienced professional with 20+ years of CA coaching experience. His knowledge & intelligence is extensively seen in the methodology of his teaching. He has guided thousands of students over these years, and every student is grateful towards him.

Teaching Style

He has an effortless yet unique style of teaching. His techniques are easier for the students, and even the toughest topics appear easy. Most importantly, he teaches very conceptually, and even a below-average student could easily understand his lessons. It is seen that he teaches a concept till the time when every student in each of his centers understands it thoroughly.

Where to find their Course?

CA Parveen Sharma is currently teaching Accountancy at Aldine CA Classes in New Delhi and has around 150+ centers all over India.


His course will cost you around Rs. 13,000.00 to Rs. 14,500.00

CA Parveen Jindal

Parveen Jindal is known for Accounting Standards and is invincible in his forte. Parveen Jindal is a well-qualified CA and a postgraduate in India Accounting Standards & IFRS. He has been a member of the Accounting Standard Board of ICAI in the past and is still recognized as a celebrity in the world of accounting.


CA Parveen Jindal has been teaching Accounting for more than 17 years now and has a firm grasp on this subject not only because of his qualification but also because of the vast experience that he holds. He has coached over 15,000 students in 15+ years and has helped multiple students clear their CA Inter and CA Finals with excellent results. He also makes sure that each student achieves success in their career. 

Teaching Style

CA Parveen Jindal’s way of teaching is exceptional. He explains every concept very clearly and makes students practice that particular concept. The best thing about Mr. Jindal is that he teaches every topic from the very basic even if it is not essential from the point of view of exams. Other than that, his concept-wise question practice is impressive. 

He has old-school thinking where basics were considered the most critical aspect of education. He states that it does not matter whether the lectures are exciting or not. They should be worthy of your time.

Where to find their Course?

He has Established a venture Parveen Jindal Classes to Provide Pen drive Classes to the Students of the CA Final at their Homes and made a record for selling 18000 Pen drives in a short span of a year.


The Course will cost you around Rs. 9,500 to Rs. 11,000. 

CA Raj K. Agrawal 

CA Raj Kumar Agrawal is a prominent Chartered Accountant of our Country, primarily known for his coaching institute in Varanasi. He is a specialist in Advanced Accounting and holds the knowledge of Business Mathematics and Statistics, Direct Taxation, Corporate and Management Accounting, and many more subjects. He is the founder of Studyathome, which is an E-learning platform. 


CA Raj K. Agrawal holds an experience of 13+ years in Chartered accountancy. He has constantly been exceeding in his career and making our country proud. He cleared CA Final with AIR-27 and CA-PE-I with AIR-29. CA Raj Kumar has also guided thousands of students from across the country and globally to crack their professional exams. 

Teaching Style

His focus is mainly on enhancing each student’s knowledge who trusts him and making them competent for the toughest of the exams. Mr. Raj Kumar also believes in enhancing knowledge theoretically and practically. He does not just teach the students for the sake of it but also ensures their success in the exam and achieve professional expertise.

Where to find their Course?

He is currently an educator in the commerce coaching class in the name of “Elite Concepts” at Varanasi, which focuses on delivering the finest education for CA/ CS/ CMA. He is also the founder of Studyathome, an E-learning platform, and has received several awards and recognition for his start-up.


His courses range somewhere between Rs. 3,325 – Rs. 5,000. 

CA Anand Bhangariya

CA Anand Bhangariya is one of the leading faculties of Accounting in India. He is well trusted by students and has an excellent reputation for his work in the Industry. Professionally he is a CA, DIP IFRS & Certified Graphologist. Furthermore, he is also the founder of CA Vidya and has curated several courses to help students go through the toughest phase of their lives.


He has been grooming students and teaching them accounting for the last 12 years and has impacted thousands of individuals. While pursuing his own CA, he faced many problems, and there was nothing he could do because of a lack of resources. Hence, once he was capable, he created his first set of study material for CA, which would help students easier and better. 

Teaching Style

You know, once you have faced a particular problem, you will know in what way you can get a solution. And that was the case with CA Anand Bhangariya, he knew precisely what was lacking in the system, and he rectified that loophole. He understands the hardships students face in a subject like Advanced Accounting, and that is exactly where he works. 

He is a very devoted teacher and gives his students the best of his knowledge.

Where to find their Course?

CA Anand Bhangariya has his classes in the name of  CA Vidya, where he has curated sets of courses to help students clear their CA exams. He also has a YouTube channel with a great reach, and he also puts up free lectures online on a few other YouTube channels.


His Course will cost you somewhere between Rs. 3,200 to Rs. 12,300, Ranging from courses of single topics to full Advance Accounting. 

CA Sudarshan Agrawal

CA Sudarshan Agrawal will be one of the greatest mentors you could ask for. He has been a proficient educator ever since he got his degree in CA. With the experience of more than 25 years in the CA world, there will be no other like him. Studying can be boring sometimes, especially when you have been studying for years and CA students could use some good energy while studying; therefore, Mr. Sudarshan is loved and appreciated by students because of his friendly and cheerful way of teaching.  


He has been in the industry for more than two decades, and that is all that you would need to know to get yourself convinced about how good he must be by now. You know, one is experienced when you see them giving great results year after year. To date, he has instructed thousands of students and has been recognized for making the highest number of rank holders, including AIR -1 in IPC & Final.

Teaching Style

CA Sudarshan Agrawal is known for his communication skills, and his techniques turn out to be the most useful ones for the students. After all, he has committed years of hard work and only acquired these skills that he is giving away to his students. Mr. Sudarshan is very friendly while teaching and likes to create a comfortable environment for even those with dissimilar academic backgrounds. He makes the surroundings light, which students adore about him the most.

Where to find their Course?

Mr. Sudarshan Agrawal has taught more than 50,000 students face-to-face in Kolkata, and he continues to do so, but with changing times and high demand, he also started his online classes to reach and help more students regardless of where they recite from. He runs the classes in the name of Sudarshan Agrawal Classes and has a YouTube channel with the same title.


His Course will range from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 18,000.

Comparison Table

Here is a conclusive comparison between all the five teachers mentioned above:

Parveen SharmaAldine CAOnlineRs. 13,000 to Rs. 14,500
Parveen JindalParveen Jindal ClassesOffline & OnlineRs. 9,500 to Rs. 11,000
Raj K. AgrawalStudyAtHomeOnlineRs. 3,325 to Rs. 5,000
Anand BhangariyaCA VidyaOffline & OnlineRs. 3,200 to Rs. 12,300
Sudarshan AgrawalSudarshan Agrawal ClassesOffline & OnlineRs. 12,000 to Rs. 18,000

Poll Results

Best Teacher for CA Inter Advanced Accounting


This was the list of top 5 teachers for Advanced Accounting; all the above faculties have substantial experience and are very strong with this subject. Remember that no matter how good your mentor is, you will have to do your share of hard work. Furthermore, you are mistaken if you think things will be easy after having a good teacher.

Things will only get tough because the better the teacher, the more he will try to bring out the best in you, and that process will never be easy. 

However, what a good teacher will do is, prepare you to handle the worse.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it important to take coaching for CA inter Advanced Accounts?

Yes, a teacher will consistently steer you better as they have experience. They have fool proof methods, and they know what can go wrong in exams.

What is the average fees for CA Inter Advanced Accounts coaching?

You can expect a good teacher to charge Rs. 12,000 for this subject approximately.

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