Every artist needs a canvas, and every canvas requires an artist, but what lies in between is the magic of creativity and skill. The same applies to the realm of makeup artistry.

As a potent form of expression and an integral component of fashion, beauty, film, and television industries, makeup artistry has grown from being a mere interest to a fully-fledged, professional career path. Mumbai, the city of dreams, has always been a trailblazer when it comes to fashion and beauty. It is the pulse point of India’s film industry – Bollywood, and host to numerous fashion events and beauty pageants.

A number of professional makeup academies have found their home in this city, each contributing to the educational landscape with their unique offerings. This comprehensive guide is designed to navigate you through the top 10 makeup academies in Mumbai, helping you understand their uniqueness, strengths, and course offerings.

What is the need to do a course or a Certification in Makeup Artistry?

Earning a professional certification in makeup artistry can have a significant positive impact on your career. Whether you’re planning to work as a freelancer or aim to join a beauty salon, certification can open doors and provide you with the credibility you need to succeed. Here’s why:

  • Credibility and Professionalism: A certified degree demonstrates your commitment to your craft. It shows potential clients and employers that you have received formal education and training, which can increase your credibility.
  • Up-to-Date Skills and Techniques: Makeup trends and techniques are continually evolving. A certification program ensures you stay updated with the latest industry standards, tools, and styles.
  • Increased Job Opportunities: A certification can greatly improve your employability. Many employers in the beauty industry prefer hiring certified makeup artists as it reassures them of your skills and expertise.
  • Confidence and Efficiency: A certified makeup artistry course can give you the confidence you need to perform. With proper training, you’ll feel more comfortable and efficient in applying your skills in the real world.
  • Potential for Higher Earnings: Certified makeup artists often have the leverage to charge more for their services due to their demonstrated knowledge and skills.

Remember, while certification provides an edge, it’s your passion, creativity, and dedication to the craft that will truly make you stand out in this industry. Keep practicing and stay updated with the latest trends to succeed.

Selecting the Right Makeup Academy in Mumbai

Choosing the right makeup academy is crucial in shaping your future career. It’s not just about learning the art, but also about understanding the industry, networking with professionals, and developing your unique style. Below are some key factors to consider when making this important decision:

  • Reputation and History of the Academy: Look for academies that are well-known and respected in the industry. Check for testimonials or reviews from previous students.
  • Variety and Quality of Courses Offered: The academy should offer a range of courses that cover various aspects of makeup artistry, from basic to advanced techniques. Consider the course curriculum and its relevance to current industry trends.
  • Experienced Faculty: Faculty should be experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge. They should also have a passion for teaching and the ability to mentor students effectively.
  • Facilities and Learning Environment: The academy should have modern, well-equipped classrooms and practical training studios. A supportive and creative learning environment is crucial for your growth.
  • Practical Training and Live Projects: Hands-on experience is key in the makeup industry. Check if the academy provides opportunities for practical learning. Live projects, internships, or industry collaborations can give you a real-world experience of the job.
  • Job Placement Support: Many academies offer job placement assistance or have connections with beauty brands, salons, or film and TV industries. Some also provide guidance on freelancing or setting up your own studio.
  • Location and Accessibility: Consider the academy’s location and accessibility. If you’re planning to commute, it should be conveniently located, or if you’re relocating, consider the surrounding area’s amenities and living conditions.

Your choice should align with your career goals and personal circumstances. Remember, this decision is an investment in your future, so take your time and choose wisely.

Top 10 Makeup Academies in Mumbai

Let’s discuss the detailed reviews of top 10 Makeup Artist Courses in Mumbai-

1. Cosmup Academy

Cosmup Academy, the crown jewel of Mumbai’s makeup artistry scene, has a reputation for being a premier institution for those passionate about the beauty industry.

This academy is renowned for its comprehensive and high-standard online courses, which are designed to groom the students into top-tier makeup artists.

With a state-of-the-art facility, students at Cosmup are given the chance to learn and practice with the latest tools and technologies in the industry.

About the Courses

Cosmup Academy offers a wide range of courses catering to different levels of skill and specialization.

  • The courses range from basic makeup techniques to advanced skills like bridal makeup, fashion, and media makeup.
  • They also offer specialized modules on areas like special effects (SFX) makeup, airbrush techniques, and skincare.
  • Their holistic approach to teaching covers both practical skills and theoretical knowledge, preparing students for all aspects of the profession.

About the Faculty

The faculty at Cosmup Academy is one of its key strengths.

  • The academy boasts a team of experienced and industry-recognized professionals who are deeply passionate about teaching.
  • These instructors provide students with individual attention, helping them to hone their unique style and creativity.
  • Faculty members are also well-versed in the latest trends and techniques, ensuring their teaching is up-to-date and industry-relevant.
  • The head instructor at Cosmup is Kelly, who is a well-known in the Makeup industry, not just in India but outside India as well. Kelly has worked with numerous huge brands, including Vogue, Flipkart, Asos, Jabong, etc.

Unique Offerings

What sets Cosmup Academy apart are its unique offerings:

  • Real-world exposure: Cosmup provides students with opportunities to work on live projects, including fashion shows, photo shoots, and events. This allows students to build a strong portfolio and gain valuable industry exposure.
  • Guest Lectures: The academy regularly invites established makeup artists for guest lectures and workshops, giving students insights into the industry’s practical aspects.
  • Placement Support: Cosmup Academy provides excellent placement support, with many students finding employment in renowned beauty salons, fashion houses, and media companies post-completion of their courses.
  • Small Class Sizes: To ensure personalized attention, Cosmup maintains a small student-teacher ratio, leading to a better learning experience.

With its top-tier curriculum, experienced faculty, and a keen focus on practical exposure, Cosmup Academy is a brilliant choice for aspiring makeup artists looking for the best in the industry.


Rs. 35,000 onwards

2. Fat Mu Pro Makeup Academy

Founded by the dynamic duo Virginia Holmes and Natasha Nischol, Fat Mu Pro Makeup Academy has established a prominent place in Mumbai’s beauty education scene.

The academy brings international makeup artistry skills to the Indian market, offering a global perspective and comprehensive training in makeup artistry.

Courses Offered

Fat Mu provides a variety of courses tailored to different needs. Some of their offerings include:

  • The Pro Makeup Course: An 8-week course covering all the basics of makeup, hairstyling and bridal, fashion, and film makeup.
  • Short Makeup Courses: These include 1-week intensive makeup courses, personal makeup courses, and other specialized modules.
  • The MU Addicts Club: This provides workshops and masterclasses for makeup enthusiasts.

Faculty Experience

  • The faculty at Fat Mu is its core strength, led by its founders, both of whom have extensive international experience.
  • Virginia Holmes has worked across Europe, South Africa, and Asia, while Natasha Nischol has trained at the London College of Fashion and has vast experience in the film industry.

Unique Features

  • Global Exposure: The courses at Fat Mu are designed keeping international standards in mind, providing students with a global perspective.
  • Industry Exposure: Fat Mu offers students the opportunity to work on live projects, providing invaluable real-world experience and a chance to apply what they’ve learned in a practical setting.
  • Community Building: Fat Mu fosters a community environment through its MU Addicts Club, promoting continuous learning and engagement beyond course completion.


A Full Fledged Makeup course at this academy will cost you around Rs. 1 Lakh

3. BHI Makeup and Hair Academy

BHI Makeup and Hair Academy is a renowned institute located in Mumbai, known for providing high-quality training in the fields of makeup and hairstyling.

The academy stands by its philosophy of offering comprehensive learning to help students excel in their careers.

Courses Offered

BHI Makeup and Hair Academy offers a wide range of courses suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. Some of their prominent courses include:

  • Advanced Makeup and Hairstyling Courses: This is a comprehensive course covering everything from basic to advanced techniques, ideal for those looking to make a significant mark in the industry.
  • Prosthetic Makeup and Special Effects: For those who want to venture into the film industry, this course offers training on creating realistic prosthetics and special effects makeup.
  • Short-term Specialized Courses: BHI offers courses focusing on specific skills like airbrush makeup, hairstyling, bridal makeup, and more.

Faculty Experience

  • The faculty at BHI is composed of industry professionals with a wealth of experience in both national and international makeup artistry.
  • They are passionate about sharing their expertise with students and offer personalized guidance to help them reach their full potential.

Unique Features

  • Industry-led Curriculum: BHI constantly updates its curriculum to stay in line with industry trends. This ensures that students are equipped with current skills that employers are looking for.
  • Practical Experience: BHI emphasizes hands-on training and provides ample opportunities for students to work on live projects. This practical experience is invaluable when stepping into the professional world.
  • Job Placement Support: BHI has a strong network in the beauty industry and offers job placement support to its students, helping them secure their first role post-training.


Approximately Rs. 2 lakh

4. Bharat and Dorris

Bharat and Dorris, named after its renowned founders Bharat Godambe and Dorris Godambe, stands as a distinguished name in the world of makeup and hairstyling.

With their extensive experience in the film and fashion industry, the founders have created an academy that truly understands industry requirements.

Courses Offered

The academy offers a comprehensive array of courses that cater to different needs. Some notable courses include:

  • Professional Makeup and Hair Styling: A detailed course designed to equip students with the skills needed to excel in both makeup and hairstyling.
  • Personal Makeup: A course designed for individuals who want to learn how to apply makeup on themselves.
  • Customized Workshops: The academy also conducts workshops that focus on specific makeup techniques or trends.

Faculty Experience

  • The faculty at Bharat and Dorris is its standout feature. The founders themselves, with their vast industry experience, lead the team of experienced educators.
  • Each faculty member is a professional makeup artist who brings their unique experiences to the classroom, providing students with practical industry knowledge.

Unique Features

  • Industry Insider’s Perspective: With founders who have been a part of the film and fashion industry, students get a real understanding of the industry’s workings.
  • Customized Approach: Bharat and Dorris understand that each student has unique needs and therefore, offers the option of customized workshops.
  • Product Knowledge: Bharat and Dorris also have their own line of professional makeup products. Students get a first-hand experience of using these products and gain knowledge about their application techniques.


Rs.50,000 Onwards

5. Satish Kargutkar Professional Makeup Artist

Led by renowned makeup artist Satish Kargutkar, this academy provides professional makeup training with a personalized touch.

Satish Kargutkar’s academy is recognized for offering in-depth and detailed training, guiding students to become skilled professionals.

Courses Offered

The academy offers a variety of makeup courses, suitable for both novices and professionals. Some of the major courses include:

  • Professional Makeup Artist Course: A comprehensive course covering the basics and advanced techniques of makeup artistry.
  • Self Makeup Course: Ideal for individuals who wish to learn makeup application for personal use.
  • Bridal Makeup Course: Focused on the techniques and skills required for professional bridal makeup.

Faculty Experience

  • The academy boasts a faculty led by Satish Kargutkar himself, who brings decades of industry experience to the classroom.
  • His professional experience in various fields, from bridal makeup to celebrity makeup, offers students a well-rounded perspective on the industry.

Unique Features

  • Personalized Training: Satish Kargutkar’s academy stands out for its individual attention and guidance provided to each student.
  • Real-World Exposure: The academy provides opportunities for students to participate in photo shoots and fashion shows, offering hands-on experience in a real-world setting.
  • Lifetime Support: Post completion of the course, the academy offers continued support to its students, guiding them in their professional journey.


Approximately Rs. 1.25 Lakh

6. Magical Makeovers by Cherag Bambboat

Founded by celebrity makeup artist Cherag Bambboat, Magical Makeovers is a premier makeup academy known for its high-quality training and industry-oriented approach.

Cherag Bambboat’s vision has propelled the academy to great heights, making it one of the preferred choices for aspiring makeup artists.

Courses Offered

The academy provides a vast range of courses catering to the different needs of the students. Key courses include:

  • Pro Makeup Artistry: A comprehensive course covering the fundamentals and advanced techniques in makeup.
  • Bridal Makeup Course: This focuses on the art of bridal makeup, considering the diverse requirements of Indian weddings.
  • Celebrity Makeup Course: Taught by Cherag Bambboat himself, this course equips students with the skills needed to work with celebrities.

Faculty Experience

  • The faculty at Magical Makeovers is led by Cherag Bambboat, who brings his rich experience working with celebrities and the film industry.
  • Other faculty members are also seasoned professionals, contributing to the industry-oriented teaching approach.

Unique Features

  • Industry Insights: With Cherag’s extensive experience in the industry, students gain invaluable insights into the world of celebrity makeup and fashion.
  • Post-Course Support: Magical Makeovers provides students with post-course support, aiding in job placements and offering business set-up advice.
  • Exposure to Events: Students get the chance to work at live events, photo shoots, and fashion shows, providing them with hands-on experience and an opportunity to showcase their skills.


Rs. 70,000 Onwards

7. Marvie Ann Beck Academy

Marvie Ann Beck Academy, founded by celebrated makeup artist Marvie Ann Beck, is renowned for offering high-quality professional makeup and hairstyling courses.

The academy embodies Marvie’s vision of nurturing talent and creativity, equipping students with skills to thrive in the competitive beauty industry.

Courses Offered

The academy offers a range of comprehensive and specialized courses, catering to students at different levels. Notable courses include:

  • Master’s Pro Course in Makeup and Hair: A complete course covering both basic and advanced techniques in makeup and hairstyling.
  • Advanced Airbrush Makeup Course: This course trains students in the art of airbrush makeup, a skill sought after in high-definition media.
  • Personal Makeup Courses: Ideal for individuals looking to enhance their personal makeup skills.

Faculty Experience

  • The academy’s faculty is led by Marvie Ann Beck herself, who has vast experience in the industry, working in Bollywood, Hollywood, fashion shows, and with various celebrities.
  • Other faculty members are also seasoned professionals who bring their industry knowledge to the teaching process.

Unique Features

  • Industry Knowledge: With Marvie’s extensive experience in both Bollywood and Hollywood, students gain deep insights into the requirements of different segments of the industry.
  • Personal Attention: The academy is known for its personalized teaching approach, ensuring individual attention to each student.
  • Real-world Exposure: The academy provides students with the opportunity to work on photo shoots and live projects, offering hands-on practical experience.


Approximately Rs. 2 Lakh

8. Makeup Designory (MUD) India

Makeup Designory (MUD) India, a branch of the internationally recognized MUD USA, is well-known for its high-quality makeup education.

The academy carries forward the MUD philosophy of innovative and rigorous makeup education, adapted for the Indian market.

Courses Offered

MUD India offers a wide array of courses to cater to different needs. Some of their key courses include:

  • Master Makeup Artistry Course: This comprehensive course covers everything from beauty makeup to character makeup for film and television.
  • Special Makeup Effects Course: An intensive course focused on creating special effects makeup for cinema.
  • Airbrush Makeup Course: A specialized course designed to teach the techniques of airbrush makeup.

Faculty Experience

  • MUD India’s faculty consists of experienced professionals who are well-versed with both Indian and international makeup techniques.
  • The educators, carrying forward the MUD USA teaching standards, offer students a global perspective on makeup artistry.

Unique Features

  • International Curriculum: As part of the MUD network, the academy provides an international standard of education with a curriculum designed by MUD USA.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: MUD India boasts well-equipped classrooms and modern infrastructure, providing an ideal learning environment.
  • Strong Network: Being part of the global MUD network, students gain access to a strong community of makeup artists around the world.


Rs. 1 lakh to 2 lakh, depending upon the course

9. LTA School of Beauty

LTA School of Beauty, with multiple centers across India including Mumbai, is recognized for its comprehensive beauty and makeup training programs.

The academy is dedicated to providing quality education and helping students shape their careers in the beauty industry.

Courses Offered

LTA offers a diverse range of courses suitable for beginners and professionals. Some of the popular courses include:

  • Diploma in Makeup: An in-depth course covering all facets of makeup from basic to advanced.
  • Advanced Bridal Makeup Course: Specializing in the intricate art of bridal makeup, this course is perfect for those seeking to excel in the wedding industry.
  • Beauty Therapy and Hair Styling: For those who want a broader skillset, this course offers training in beauty treatments along with hair and makeup.

Faculty Experience

  • The faculty at LTA comprises seasoned professionals with years of industry experience.
  • Instructors at LTA are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and providing students with practical skills, ensuring they are industry-ready.

Unique Features

  • Accreditations: LTA is an internationally accredited school and offers CIDESCO and VTCT certifications, recognized globally in the beauty industry.
  • Wide Range of Courses: LTA offers a broad selection of courses covering various aspects of beauty and wellness in addition to makeup.
  • Job Assistance: The academy provides job placement assistance to its students, helping them start their professional careers in the beauty industry.


Approximately Rs. 50,000

10. Lakmé Academy

Lakmé Academy, powered by Aptech, is a leading beauty training academy in India.

The academy has a reputation for providing quality education in various aspects of cosmetic and health care. Lakmé Academy has strong ties to the industry and offers a blend of technical training and practical experience to prepare students for competitive industries.

With a commitment to systematic and structured learning, the academy offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and up-to-date amenities for students.

About the Courses

Lakmé Academy offers a variety of courses designed to suit different skill levels and interests.

  • The course list includes everything from foundation courses for beginners to advanced level programs for professionals in areas like makeup, skin care, hair care, nail art, and personal grooming.
  • The academy is also well known for its specialized courses in cosmetology and beauty therapy.
  • Certificate courses in bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, and fashion makeup are popular among students.

About the Faculty

The faculty at Lakmé Academy is a key reason behind its success.

  • The academy boasts a team of experienced professionals who are not only knowledgeable in their respective fields but are also passionate about teaching.
  • They provide personalized guidance to each student, helping them to refine their skills and enhance their creativity.
  • Faculty members are up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry, ensuring students receive the most relevant and practical training.

Unique Offerings

What sets Lakmé Academy apart are its unique offerings:

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Lakmé Academy’s courses are co-created by Lakmé Salon and Aptech, ensuring they are in line with current industry requirements and standards.
  • Professional Exposure: Students get the opportunity to work in Lakmé Salons and other professional setups, providing them with real-world experience and preparing them for their future careers.
  • Placement Support: Lakmé Academy provides strong placement assistance, with alumni working in top beauty and fashion companies across the country.
  • Lakmé Certification: The certification from Lakmé Academy is recognized across the beauty and fashion industry, adding credibility to the students’ professional profiles.

With its robust curriculum, experienced faculty, and unique offerings, Lakmé Academy is a strong choice for those passionate about pursuing a career in the beauty industry.


Rs. 40,000 onwards

Comparison Table

AcademyNotable CoursesFees RangeDurationUnique Features
CosmupBasic to advanced makeup techniques, specialized modules (SFX, airbrush)Rs. 35,000 onwards2 MonthsRenowned Certification, Business & Marketing Training, Industry-relevant curriculum
Fat Mu Pro AcademyPro Makeup, Pro Hair, SFX MakeupAround Rs. 1 Lakh8 weeks for Pro CoursesReal-world experiences, Focus on creative thinking
BHI Makeup and Hair AcademyComprehensive Makeup, Advanced Hair, Portfolio CourseApproximately Rs. 2 lakh2 to 6 monthsPersonalized attention, Global makeup trends
Bharat and DorrisProfessional Makeup and Hair Styling, Personal MakeupRs.50,000 OnwardsVaries, up to 2 monthsIndustry insider’s perspective, Customized workshops
Satish Kargutkar Professional Makeup ArtistProfessional Makeup Artist Course, Bridal Makeup CourseApproximately Rs. 1.25 Lakh2 weeks to 3 monthsPersonalized training, Lifetime support
Magical Makeovers by Cherag BambboatPro Makeup Artistry, Bridal Makeup Course, Celebrity Makeup CourseRs. 70,000 Onwards2 to 12 monthsIndustry insights, Post-course support
Marvie Ann Beck AcademyMaster’s Pro Course in Makeup and Hair, Advanced Airbrush Makeup CourseApproximately Rs. 2 Lakh2 to 6 monthsIndustry knowledge, Real-world exposure
Makeup Designory (MUD) IndiaMaster Makeup Artistry Course, Special Makeup Effects CourseRs. 1 lakh to 2 lakhVaries, up to 6 monthsInternational curriculum, State-of-the-art facilities
LTA School of BeautyDiploma in Makeup, Advanced Bridal Makeup CourseApproximately Rs. 50,0002 months to 1 yearAccreditations, Wide range of courses
Lakme AcademyFoundation to advanced courses in makeup, skin care, hair care, beauty therapyRs. 40,000 onwardsVaries (Short-term courses to 12 months)Industry-relevant curriculum, professional exposure, strong placement assistance

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Additional Tips to Make the Most of Your Professional Makeup Training

Making the decision to attend a professional makeup academy is an exciting step in your career. To ensure you get the most out of your training, consider the following tips:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Like any art form, makeup artistry requires constant practice. Use your time at the academy to practice as much as possible and hone your skills.
  • Network: Your time at the academy can provide you with valuable networking opportunities. Connect with your instructors, guest speakers, and fellow students. These connections can provide valuable industry insights and even lead to job opportunities.
  • Be Open to Constructive Criticism: Constructive criticism is an essential part of learning. Welcome feedback from your instructors and peers. Use it to improve your techniques and grow as a professional.
  • Build a Portfolio: Start working on your portfolio while you’re at the academy. A comprehensive portfolio showcasing your work can be a powerful tool when you start applying for jobs or freelance work. Remember to include a range of styles and techniques to display your versatility as a makeup artist.
  • Stay Updated with Industry Trends: The beauty industry is constantly evolving with new trends, products, and techniques. Stay updated with the latest happenings in the industry. Use social media platforms, fashion magazines, and online resources to keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations.
  • Seek Real-World Experience: Try to gain real-world experience while you’re still at the academy. Whether it’s volunteering at local events, participating in fashion shows, or assisting senior artists, real-world experiences can enrich your learning and prepare you for professional challenges.


Choosing the right makeup academy can be the stepping stone for a successful career in the beauty industry. Mumbai, being a hub of fashion and entertainment, hosts some of the finest makeup academies in the country.

Each of these institutions brings its unique approach to teaching makeup artistry, providing students with a range of options to choose from. When selecting an academy, consider factors like curriculum, faculty experience, academy reputation, and course duration.

Embrace your time at the academy as a period of intense learning and exploration. Practice as much as you can, stay open to feedback, build a strong portfolio, and stay abreast with the latest trends in the industry.

Here’s to a glittering career in makeup artistry!

Frequently Asked Question

What is the duration of a Makeup Artist Course?

The duration of Makeup Artist Courses ranges from 1 month to 1 year, depending upon the course curriculum.

What is the Average fees of a Makeup Artist Course in Mumbai?

The average fees of a Makeup Artist course in Mumbai is approximately INR 60,000.

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