The Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) has become a global standard for risk management in the financial sector from the past 20 years. Over 70,000 certified FRMs are employed in big banks, consulting firms, regulators, and asset management firms.

GARP (The official authority which conducts FRM exam) has approved certain coaching institutes worldwide and branded them as Exam Prep Provider (EPP). They approve them on the basis of their manner of teaching and the qualification of instructors.

We selected the best FRM coaching institutes at Delhi based on student reviews, fees, schedules, and study material alongside the quality of the instructor. Also, the majority of them are EPPs.

The Top 5 FRM coaching classes in Delhi are-


Quintedge has the most unique offering amongst the lot. Their motto is to teach finance Intuitively – and they follow this methodology in all of their courses, be it CFA or FRM. They top our list of FRM prep providers due to this very reason.


All the faculties are industry experts, with ample experience in teaching this subject. Yash Jain (CA and FRM holder) is the lead instructor of the course at the institute. He has experience of almost a decade in teaching industry. He also holds a vast industry experience in Valuations, credit risk, Financial Modeling and Equity Research.

Delivery Mode

In-person, as well as online classes, are provided. Other perks traced are the availability of the course in both Hindi and English medium.


The training is imparted for both the FRM exam parts- I and II.

  • FRM Part I – Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 27,000
  • FRM Part II – Rs. 26,000 to Rs. 28,000

Levels offered

Both the parts of FRM are provided, in Live online and Recorded videos format.

Past Results

The institutes claim to maintain a high passing rate of above 92% in the FRM exam. Also, the testimonials of students are the sheer evidence of the achievement made by the institute.

This institute is in our list because of remarkable industrial expertise in risk management, high success rate and highly qualified instructors


It is another exam prep provider approved by GARP that assists students in preparing for the FRM exam. The institute has been providing coaching since 2012 and has a remarkable faculty.


The faculties are certified FRMs with more than 18 years of Industry exposure. Bhavna Goel (FRM) and Gurmeet Katar (FRM) both are the backbones of the course at the institute. They have taught 200+ batches and have mentored 5000+ participants by far.

Delivery Mode

The institute provides training in both online plus classroom modes.


Parts I and II have the same price structure and features. But the cost and features vary in terms of the type of the delivery mode course.

  • Live training – Includes in-person classes or Live Webinars, recorded lectures, study guides, question banks, mock tests, and doubt sessions, for the cost of INR 30,000.
  • Self-Study Package – It includes recorded video lectures and 5 hours of faculty time, with the earlier features of online and classroom training for INR 20,000.

Moreover, if one buys any training course, they do not need to pay for another time if they fail the exam and can access the material until they pass.

Past Results

Finlearning has a record of attaining a 100% passing rate thrice, as claimed by the institute. Apart from the institutional claims, the verified testimonials by the students are enough evidence to prove the efficiency of the institute..

The institution is in our list because of the instructor’s conceptual clarity, delivery style and past success rate.

iPlan Education

This institute has been in existence since 2010 and has completed more than 100 batches of FRM exam. The branches of iPlan Education are in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.


Their lead instructor, Pravin Khetan is an FRM® designation holder with experience of almost 10-years in the teaching industry. He is also a professional trader and a fund manager.

Delivery Mode

Classroom and online are two modes made available to impart the instructions.


For part I and II, the price range differ for each type of training course, although the features are more or less the same for each training in every mode.

  • Classroom training for the part I costs INR 28,500 and for part II costs INR 30,000. It includes 24 in-person classes, 80+ hours live webinars, advance-excel classes, recorded videos, 8-topic wise tests, 2-full mocks, 1000+ practice questions and Whatsapp doubt solving.
  • Online training for part I and II include every feature of classroom training with the removal of 24 in-person classes and modification of 700+ practice questions instead of 1000+. The fees for part I is INR 25,600 and for part II is INR 27,000.

Past Results

The passing rate of the institute as made available by them is 70% to 80% in each part.

We selected iPlan Education because of their ample study material and pass rate, with genuine positive student reviews.


The institute has been providing FRM® coaching from a long time under the approval of GARP. By now, it has conducted training for more than 50,000 students in 40 countries.


The instructors include certified FRM professionals who are working as risk experts working with various banks and KPOs.

Delivery Mode

Both classroom and online modes are followed for delivering the classes, and the instructions are given in English medium.


The institute provides training for both part I and part II.

  • Classroom training – Includes 75 hours classes for 15 days, 3-day revision, 35+ hours pre-recorded lectures, 650+ practice questions, topic-wise comprehensive notes, mind maps, 2-full mock tests, and doubt-solving forum. This costs INR 30,000.
  • Self-study package – Includes all the features of classroom training except for 75 hours class for 15 days. It costs INR 17,500

Past Results

The institute does not mention any passing rate or make any claims besides being an approved and authentic prep provider.

We selected EduPristine because of the unique training provided by the institute called Crash course. None of the other institutes has this option which may help a student to go through the entire syllabus thoroughly at the last moment.

Financial Corridor

Financial Corridor has been a prep provider for FRM for over 10-years, with a major expertise in stock market trainings. They also offer other finance prep course like CFA, CMT and NISM.


Keshav Kumar, the founder of the institute, is the head instructor of this course. He has wide-scale experience in trading equities, forex and commodities. He is a CFA charterholder with a teaching experience of more than a decade.

Delivery Mode

Online, as well as classroom structure, is followed.


The training includes 128 hours of lectures for 32 days, 3-day revision and doubt classes, 4-mock tests, notes, sample-problem, and tests. The training will last for 4-months for parts I and II with the cost of INR 30,000 for each part.

Past Results

No passing rate is made available by the institute on the website.

The wide-ranging features of the training course accompanying the good reviews are our source for its selection.

Poll Results

Which is the Best FRM Coaching Institute in Delhi?


The very fact that the FRM coaching industry is a perfect market and not a monopoly states that no coaching institute is perfect. It would entirely depend on the teaching pattern of the institute and what is suitable for the student.

Most of the FRM institutes have a video lecture or two available on the internet that can give you a flavor of their teaching pattern/style.

An ideal way would be to watch their available videos or talk to the faculty if they are available and decide your instructors for your FRM exam accordingly. All the very best for your FRM endeavor!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average Fees for FRM Coaching in Delhi?

The average Fees for FRM coaching in Delhi is INR 20,000

Which is the best institute for FRM Coaching in Delhi?

Edupristine, The WallStreet School and Finlearning are some of the best FRM coaching institutes in Delhi

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