CMA (US) is one of the most prestigious certifications among all the courses globally. Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) provides this certification. IMA was created in 1919, and it has 90,000+ members across the globe in more than 140 countries.

CMA US opens doors for students in all directions and offers them incredible opportunities. The CMA curriculum uses some remarkably cutting-edge testing techniques to test the management accounting aspirants, which eventually helps them become a better professionals.

CMA Exam Essentials

  • The CMA US exam is conducted in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. Clearing both of these parts is required for you to get this certification.
  • You can appear for these two exams in any order. All that is required is to clear the first before appearing for the second.
  • The registration for an exam is valid only for one exam window. Hence, you have to register again if you wish to appear again for the examination.

Which is the best CMA Coaching in Mumbai?

You will apparently need some coaching, a good teacher, and an excellent environment to study to clear the exam. Furthermore, if you are from Mumbai, India, we know that it would not be easy for you to find decent coaching to fulfill your expectations and purpose.

So to make your life easier and help you save time searching for coaching, we have created a list for you that will help you declutter your mind and give you clarity on what could be your best choice. 

You will read below our list of top 6 coaching institutes for CMA in Mumbai

The WallStreet School

Established in 2008, The Wallstreet School, more commonly known as TWSS, tops our list of the best CMA coaching institutes in Mumbai. It was founded by ex-investment bankers and consultants, from top companies like Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey etc. Their CMA course comes with 100% placement support and top notch study material.


The head CMA faculty, CA Amit Jugia is both an academician and an industry veteran, with total experience of 20+ years. He has been a rank holder in major accounting qualifications like CA, CIMA and CMA. Theis associate faculties are also rank holders in international accounting exams, including CMA. They are known for delivering the lectures in most lucid and conceptualized way.

Benefits taking CMA coaching from TWSS

TWSS is probably the only institute on the list, which has a well-established corporate network. It’s known for their placements, and attracts major recruiters including top investment banks and KPOs. Few other benefits are-

  1. Skill based (Not just exam based) training
  2. Flexible course Variants and pricing
  3. Highly qualified trainers with CMA Ranking
  4. Both Online and Classroom Training


Their Fees ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 depending upon the number of CMA exams you want to prepare for.

Miles Education

Miles Education is one of the best institutes for CMA in Mumbai. It does not just help students get a CMA certification but also trains them to become better professionals. It was founded by Harvard and Stanford alumni Varun Jain and Meenakshi Jain, and they have been delivering excellence for years now.

Miles offers globally recognized certifications and has a vision of creating professionals who will eventually be driving industry inventions and revolutions. 


Miles Education has partnered with 70+ institutions to help students get the best education and provide skill-based offerings. Miles has some exceptional teachers to help you with the CMA exam and trains you to become a great professional. In miles, you get to study from Varun Jain, a well-known CPA and CMA instructor in India and globally. The kind of training this institute provides is not seen in today’s education system, and Miles was able to build this kind of methodology only because of its excellent teachers.

Benefits of studying at Miles

  • Miles Education has training centers in Mumbai, India, the Middle East, and the USA.
  • It also provides the maximum number of placement opportunities to the students.
  • With the 100% placement assurance and 220+ Fortune 500 and MNC tie-ups, Miles has come a long way in teaching and grooming students to become another level of an individual.
  • It delivers 360-degree support for eligibility, NTS, CMA certification.


CMA coaching in Miles Education will cost you approximately Rs. 84,400.

Financial Planning Academy

Financial Planning Academy, also recognized as FPA, was established around a decade back and is one of the best institutes for CMA, CPA, ACCA, and more in Mumbai. Their objective is to give this country and the world the best of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Investment Bankers, all those fancy names you could think of. The masses trust FPA because of their decade-old experience. They have trained 6,00,000+ students to date and have professionals trained by them in more than 50 countries, and they are not planning to stop just yet.


FPA is backed by a massive firm such as Sykes & Ray Equities, and hence whom they choose as their teachers are critical for them. All of their teachers are CMA, ACCA & CPA professionals. The students learn from an expert like Mr. Kirtan Shah, B.Sc. (Math), CFPCM, FERM, CIWM, MCSI. He also happens to be the Co-Founder and CEO of the Institute. Teachers such as Sneha Punmiya, Jaishank Gupta, Rupakumar Pradhan, and Pratik Rambhia are a part of FPA. Moreover, these are just a couple of them; the list of fantastic faculty in FPA is endless. Students could not have asked for a better combination than this. 

Benefits of studying at Financial Planning Academy

  • Exhaustive Study Material
  • Full-time faculty support
  • Assistance in booking Prometric centers for CMA course exams.
  • They train an individual so that they do not just clear the exam but also inculcate requisite practical knowledge. 


You can expect an average fee of Rs. 1,00,000 for the coaching for both papers.


Who says you need to be in the market for decades to become its leader? ZELL is one example of such an institutes, which may not be a decade old coaching but still has created that respect by giving the best results. ZELL is India’s leading CMA coaching established in Mumbai and eventually found itself in other big cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, etc. It has constantly been providing outstanding results and helping thousands of students achieve their ultimate goal of getting a CMA Certification. 


ZELL is simply a hub of some exceptional teachers with a unique and intrinsic way of teaching. They have a staff of more than 200 teachers who are experts in their respective subjects and have mentored thousands of today’s geniuses. Most of their faculty members are CMA and CPA qualified; hence they are the best preference. You know, like some people are just born with the talent of teaching, ZELL has indeed picked their faculties, keeping these minute details in mind. 

Benefits of studying at ZELL

After all the good things, if you still feel that ZELL may not be the one, take a moment and look at some more factors-

  • ZELL has impacted 1,00,000+ students’ lives to date with a 95% student satisfaction rate.
  • It has best-in-class Learning Management Software, which comes in very handy for students and teachers.
  • No-cost EMI option to the students. 


Coaching at ZELL will cost you Rs. 85,000. 

Simandhar Education

Simandhar Institute is a very well-known US CMA institute in Mumbai and all of India. They have tie-ups in more than 40 corporates worldwide and are the first choice of CMA aspirants reciting in Mumbai. They have a vast corporate connect, and they provide 100% placement assistance to the students. Simandhar institute has been a choice of thousands of students for a decade now, and they only happen to better their teaching, attracting more students each year. 


The teacher you are opting for must be a professional and CMA themselves; only then does it make sense to get lessons from them. Furthermore, Simandhar Institutes understands this. Simandhar Institute has the top 10 CMA teachers and some exceptional faculties in the country. All the teachers that are a part of this Institute are CMA licensed and have been in accounting and finance for decades. 

The benefit of studying at Simandhar Institute

  • Simandhar Institute has very high learning standards and exhaustive study material covering each and every minute detail of the CMA course.
  • Simandhar has given 500+ successful placements globally, and they have
  • They have dedicated discussion forums that help students clear their career doubts.
  • Simandhar has one of the best education partners: Becker. This partnership helps generate trust in an institute and benefits them in various facets.


CMA coaching at Simandhar Institute will cost you approximately around Rs. 1,30,000.

VG Learning Destination

VG Learning Destination is a remarkably famous coaching institute that students opt for to prepare for their CMA, CPA and ACCA exams. It is one of the oldest CA institutes in the country, which started in 1990. VG Learning destination was initially known as Vinod Gupta Classes, and later on, it got rebranded. Up till 2010, they were teaching the old school way; only in 2010 they expanded by starting virtual classes.


Mr Vinod Gupta is one of the significant faculties of VGLD, with a vast experience of 30+ years in teaching. He is recognized not just in the country but worldwide for his teaching. He has successfully helped 10,00,000+ students; in fact, 3,00,000+ students have cleared their exams with his guidance.

VGLD has many more respected names to add to its faculty lists, such as Mr Kapil Arora, Shilpi Jain, Mr Trigun Pasricha, and many more. These faculties are experts in their respective subjects and are CMAs themselves.

The benefit of studying at VG Learning Destination

Amongst many of its benefits, we have listed a few very crucial ones for your reference:

  • Highly experienced faculties
  • Small classroom sizes and backup sessions
  • Personalized Attention
  • Study material provided by Becker
  • Corporate partners such as Amity, Apex, cisco, Deloitte, Cohen & Co., and many more prestigious names.
  • 6500+ Multiple choice questions and 250+ task-based simulations


CMA coaching from VGLD would cost you roughly around Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 1,20,000.

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Which is the best CMA Coaching in Mumbai


Finally, you have made it to the end. So this was our list of best CMA US institutes in Mumbai. We hope this list comes in very handy for you while picking coaching to partner with. We have curated this list after exhaustive research and after reviewing multiple coachings. After being sure that these are the best ones out there, we are sharing this with you. 

Before making your mind on which coaching to opt for, we would recommend doing some research yourself. This will help you dive a little deeper into this area and will help you understand the good and bad aspects of all the institutes that are there for you. 

Once you have decided on the above aspect, it is time to get your hands dirty, meaning it is time to start preparing. You need to understand that much hard work is needed no matter what good CMA life looks like. A good job is seen but what goes behind getting there plays the underdog. So always keep this clear in your head and prepare yourself to face any and every difficulty to get to your dream job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coaching required for CMA Exam?

It is better to get yourself enrolled in coaching as the guidance that these institutes will offer will not be there when you opt for self-study.

What is the average fees for CMA US coaching in Mumbai?

Coaching for CMA US in Mumbai will cost you anywhere around Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,30,000.

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