Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was established in 1904 and is a globally acknowledged accounting body. It has 2,50,000+ members, and more than 5,30,000 are estimated future members. ACCA headquarters are in London and have 110 centers worldwide in more than 50 countries. 

Why do you need ACCA Coaching in Mumbai?

ACCA is one of the most challenging exams of all that occur globally. The exam has 13 heavy subjects, and trust us when we say these subjects are tougher than you think. It takes three years of supervised, appropriate accounting understanding, and an ethics module; it facilitates an individual to become a Chartered Certified accountant.

For your convenience, we have curated a list of the six best coaching institutes in Mumbai, India.


Quintedge’s ACCA course in Mumbai stands out as the premier choice for aspiring accounting professionals. Recognized as the best ACCA course available, it combines global standards with local business insights, offering an unrivaled learning experience.

With expert faculty, advanced resources, and a commitment to excellence, Quintedge not only prepares students to excel in exams but also to become future leaders in finance. It’s no wonder this course is the top pick for those aiming to soar in the accounting field.


Quintedge’s faculty is unmatched, offering the finest blend of real-world expertise and academic prowess. Their faculty, led by experts like Yash Jain and Nitin Choudhary, represents the apex of ACCA instruction.

Yash Jain brings cutting-edge strategies from top consultancies, while Nitin Choudhary connects theory with real-world application, offering a learning experience that’s both comprehensive and deeply relevant to the finance industry.

This level of expertise sets Quintedge apart as the premier destination for ACCA education.

Why to take ACCA Coaching from Quintedge

  • In-depth Curriculum: Covers essential accounting and finance topics thoroughly.
  • Expert Faculty: A blend of academic rigor and industry relevance.
  • Placement Support: Offers resources and connections for guaranteed student employment.
  • Interactive Learning: Utilizes mock exams and puzzles for engagement.
  • Quality Study Material: Provides comprehensive and up-to-date resources for effective learning.


This course will cost you around Rs. 3,00,000 for all levels combined

IMS Proschool

ProSchool is an initiative by IMS to provide sound quality education to the masses. ProSchool delivers the best education at an affordable price and the benefit of shorter time duration. They aim to give practical education to help the students later in their professional careers.

IMS has been providing successful careers to thousands of students for the past 40 years, and they want to achieve similar goals from ProSchool as well. 


ProSchool has made sure that they leave no opportunity in taking their students towards success. All the teachers are highly professional and have a firm grip on their respective subjects. Hence they have the best of teachers of Hyderabad, in fact, the whole of India.

To accomplish a goal like this one, you do not just need a teacher but a mentor who can walk you through this journey because it may not sound like it, but ACCA is a tough exam to crack. 

Benefits of studying at IMS ProSchool 

ProSchool by IMS has been giving excellent results consistently; here are a few key highlights of ProSchool:

  • Unique Active Learning methodology
  • Placements, Mentoring & Test prep
  • Job centric assistance
  • Multiple modes: Classroom, live, fast track, regular, and weekend
  • Successful and long term career
  • Assured results


Coming to another important aspect of whether or not to choose ProSchool, Fees. Their ACCA professional course will cost you approximately Rs. 2,50,000 for three years. 

Zell Education 

Who says you need to be in the market for decades to become the leader of it? ZELL is one example of such institutes, which may not be a decade old coaching but still has created that sort of respect by giving the best of results. ZELL is India’s leading ACCA coaching which was established in Mumbai. It has constantly been providing outstanding results and helping thousands of students to achieve their ultimate goal of cracking ACCA. 


ZELL is simply a hub of some exceptional teachers with a unique and intrinsic way of teaching. They have a staff of more than 200 teachers who are experts in their respective subjects and have mentored thousands of today’s geniuses. Most of their faculty members are ACCA qualified; hence they are the best preference. You know, like some people are just born with the talent of teaching, ZELL has indeed picked their faculties, keeping these minute details in mind. 

Benefits of studying at Zell

Here is a list of some more exciting things that you might need to take under consideration before opting for any institute for your ACCA preparation:

  1. 10000+ Students life impacted
  2. 150+ Corporate trainings
  3. 95% student satisfaction rate
  4. Placements at countries like Canada, UK, Dubai, Singapore, India, etc
  5. Best in class LMS(Learning Management Software)
  6. 24×7 Student Support
  7. 100% placement assistance
  8. Fees waivers and No Cost EMI Option for courses


ZELL has a very interesting Fees system where they have created packages that include and exclude different aspects. But they will cost you anywhere between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 1,20,000 to give you an idea. 


FinPlan is an international education platform specially built for ACCA. It is highly recognized amongst the institutes for ACCA in Mumbai. It was established ten years back in Mumbai and has trained more than 5500 students to date. And it should be surprising information that they provide assured success to each of their students. 


FinPlan has always believed that no student can ever achieve their dreams without a good mentor. And it may be harsh but true at the same time. The faculty at FinPlan is something worth appreciating about the Institute. They have the finest teachers having you back from Mumbai and all over the country. The teachers make sure to touch the subjects for scoring purposes and deep dive into each subject to help you be an excellent professional. 

Benefits of studying at FinPlan

Other than the good things mentioned earlier, here is a list of things that will help you make your mind and opt for FinPlan for your ACCA preparation:

  1. Gold Approved Learning Partner
  2. 170+ World & INDIA Rankers
  3. Live + Recorded Lecture
  4. 150+ Placement Partners
  5. International opportunities
  6. Best of teachers
  7. 80% Pass rate


FinPlan has made it very easy, so 13 subjects must be cleared in ACCA. With FinPlan, each subject will cost you Rs.9,499. 


EduPristine is India’s leading ACCA Institute, and it is students’ preferred choice who lives in Mumbai. It’s also is an authorized training partner of Kaplan Inc. 

This Institute has an excellent reputation for a few reasons: 

  • It’s remarkable results
  • Effective teaching pattern
  • Student support

They have best-in-class faculty experience in the market and have given some world-class CA professionals. They not only provide you with theoretical but necessary practical knowledge. Hence, you can say that they aim to help you clear the exam and make you an excellent professional.


EduPristine undoubtedly has the best experts who help you pass the exam with an excellent score. All the teachers are very well qualified, and they leave no stone unturned to help students achieve their ultimate goal. The students also give feedback about teachers that they are incredibly humble and polite. This makes them more approachable, and students get to clear their doubts very quickly because of these kinds of traits. Names such as Karan Agarwal, Neeraj Gupta, Shubham Goyat, & Rahul Agarwal are associated with this Institute. 

Benefits of studying at EduPristine

Only if all the things mentioned above were not enough, here are a few essential things that make them the best choice for any ACCA aspirant:

  1. History of 80+ years
  2. Only 30 students per batch
  3. Soft skills training 
  4. Placement assistance
  5. Certified Gold Partner of IMA
  6. Classroom, Live Virtual Classes (Online), and Self Study Training
  7. Student Success and Employability centric


Total fees for 24 months for 13 subjects of ACCA will cost you anywhere around 2,20,000 Lakh (approx.) in EduPristine.

Financial Planning Academy

Financial Planning Academy, also recognized as FPA, was established around a decade back and is one of the best institutes for ACCA in Mumbai. Their objective is to give this country and the world the best of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Investment Bankers, all those fancy names you could think of. FPA is a Gold Approved Learning Partner for ACCA and is trusted by the masses. They have trained 5,00,000+ students to date and are not planning to stop just yet.


FPA is backed by a massive firm such as Sykes & Ray Equities, and hence who they choose as their teachers, is critical for them. The students learn from an expert like Mr. Kirtan Shah, B.Sc. (Math), CFPCM, FERM, CIWM, MCSI. He also happens to be the Co-Founder and CEO of the Institute. Teachers such as Sneha Punmiya, Jaishank Gupta, Rupakumar Pradhan, and Pratik Rambhia are a part of FPA. And these are just a couple of them; the list of fantastic faculty in FPA is just endless. Students couldn’t have asked for a better combination than this. 

Benefits of studying at Financial Planning Academy

And even if you are not convinced that FPA is undoubtedly a better option for ACCA preparation in Mumbai than here are a few more reasons to make your mind:

  1. Approved Gold Partners and Approved CBE Centre for ACCA
  2. Guaranteed Internship Programs
  3. 6,00,000+ professionals trained across 58 countries
  4. All trainers are ACCA and CA, certified professionals
  5. Offline & Online Training and Support
  6. 1500+ Practice Mock Test questions
  7. 16+hrs of classroom training
  8. Full-Time Faculty Support


You can expect an average fee of Rs. 3,60,000 for the coaching for all 13 subjects, along with the registration for the course. 

Synthesis Learning

Synthesis Learning provides best-in-class training and holds an uptight reputation in the industry. It undoubtedly offers world-class education to its student and has gained immense trust in the past years. They help students clear exams and build a successful career in Finance and Accounting. Synthesis Learning aims to provide a one-stop learning platform for students for Commerce. They are known for their teaching in Mumbai and the whole country.


For an exam like ACCA, you need a reliable mentor to have your back, and Synthesis Learning understands that. The trainers here are highly experienced and experts in the subjects they teach. Therefore they have managed to bring the best of talents to create many more exceptional professionals. These teachers have trained 50,000+ students, and most are successful in their careers. All of them have their unique way, and somehow all of them tend to bring out the best in their students. 

Benefits of studying at Synthesis Learning

Here we are, all over again, to convince you one last time in this article that Synthesis Learning could be a wise choice. Listing below some potent reasons for you to believe us:

  1. Experiential Learning
  2. 100+ Industry specialists with real-world expertise
  3. Two decades of experience
  4. Presence in multiple locations and different modes
  5. Customized Learning Interventions
  6. ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner
  7. Ethical Pricing and a Pass Guarantee
  8. Comprehensive Materials
  9. Gain 36 months of relevant work experience
  10. Dream Jobs and Internships


The Complete exam preparation from Synthesis Learning will cost you around Rs. 2,00,000 for three years. 

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Which is the Best ACCA Coaching in Mumbai?


This was our list of best Institutes for ACCA in Mumbai, India. India has several excellent institutes for ACCA, but if you recite in Mumbai and enroll yourself for the best one out there, this list will come in very handy. Top institutes are usually picked based on various aspects such as their results, reputation, google reviews, and ratings. 

Also, take help of this list but do your share of research. That is because sometimes, some things may suit you, but some things may not. So it’s best if you do your study according to your choices and choose, only when you feel confident about an institute. 

Other than all this, do not misinterpret that good coaching alone would do wonders. For exceeding in an exam like ACCA, you will have to put a lot of hard work into self-study as well. No teacher can help you the way you can help yourself. 

So start putting in plenty of effort and the combination of suitable coaching and dedication, you can surely achieve what you have always dreamt about. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it essential to take coaching for the ACCA exam?

ACCA requires a candidate to have proper accounting knowledge and be efficient enough to clear all 13 exams. They need someone who can coach them well. Therefore the student must take good coaching.

What are the average coaching fees for ACCA in Mumbai?

A good institute in Mumbai will charge you anywhere between Rs. 1,20,000 to Rs. 3,50,000 for ACCA classes for an average of 24 – 36 months.

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